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 What We Clear

 Basically anything that is within your property and grounds, with the exception of Asbestos. 
We clear all household items including : furniture ; white goods ; bric-a-brac ; electrical items ; clothing ; bedding ; kitchen items ; books ; papers ; garden items ; broken items ; vehicles ; and even rubbish are included in our clearance prices.
 Items including : carpets ; tyres ; building materials, (including rubble) ; pianos ; end-of-life fridges and freezers, all incur additional disposal fees.
 The clearance of a small quantity of items within sheds ; attics ; garages ; basement ; and gardens are included in our full clearance price, however larger quantities will incur additional fees, prices will be agreed during the quote process.
 FREE NO Obligation Quote
 - We offer a free no obligation over the phone quote in just 5 minutes if you have a basic knowledge of what is to be cleared.

  - On unusual or complicated properties, for example hoarded or uninhabitable properties, we can arrange to visit the property in order to give an accurate quotation, this is also free with no obligation. 
 Full House Clearance
 Our full house clearances are tailored to our customers needs.
It is not necessary for the customer to undertake any preparation before we arrive, we do all the work, so you don't have too.
We carry our own boxes and packing materials for bric-a-brac and crockery.

 Often of our customers do not live locally, (our furthest has been Indonesia),  here we can arrange to pick up the key from a third party, for example an Estate Agent, Solicitor or neighbour. We also can receive the key through the post, this is quite safe providing you have a spare key, just in case it gets lost in the post, and providing the address is not sent with the key. 

 Generally most house clearances are completed within four hours or so, depending on the distance we have to walk from the house to the van, or whether the property is cluttered, or if there are garages, outbuildings or sheds involved.

 We will remove all furniture and effects from the property, with the exception of any items that the customer wants to stay.
 Damp dusting and vacuuming is undertaken, giving the property a fresh feeling.

 If the customer is present they will be asked to inspect the property to ensure that everything has been completed as agreed. Payment is to be made, in cash or cheque on completion.

 If the customer is not present we will photograph the property, if necessary, these will be emailed together with an invoice, to be paid within seven days, by cheque or bank transfer.

 Part House Clearance
 Generally part clearances are the same as the full clearance, a quote is given depending on amount of items to be cleared. Part clearances include partly cleared houses, and stand alone garage or shed clearances. 
Please note, the damp dust and vacuum is not included in these clearances.
Uninhabitable and Hoarded Properties
Due to the nature of these properties, they always require a visit before a quotation can be given.

We come across these properties on a regular basis, generally 3-4 a year. These properties tend to take a lot longer to complete, ranging from 2-3 days, however we have had one that was so hoarded, (similar to Mr Trebus, brought to the nations attention by the BBC program The Life Of Grime) which took three weeks! Please see our photos section.
Uninhabitable properties are a challenge and indeed need experience to undertake safely, and range from hoarded to rodent/pest infestation, to extremely dirty.

After clearing such a property we can disinfect to leave the property in as good a condition as possible, however these properties still tend to require a great deal of building work before they able to become habitable again.
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